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Brightening Face Cleanser

Brightening Face Cleanser

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This delightful brightening face cleanser is a silky smooth oil-free, luxurious foaming cleanser. It protects your natural skin barrier and is perfectly gentle for daily use.


Decyl Glucoside
Vegetable Glycerin
Guar Gum
White Kaolin Clay
Rose Kaolin Clay
Distilled water
Citric Acid
Brazilian Orange Essential Oil
Grapefruit Essential oil
Leucidal SF Max (preservative)
Pink Kaolin Clay
Olive Essential Oil

How to use

1. Splash some lukewarm water on the face to moisture it.

2. Dab a pea-size face wash amount.

3. Rub the two palms together to form a foamy cream then apply gently using fingertips

4. Rince the face with warm water.

Do not rub - just gentle splash will work well. Pat dry


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